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I got a groupon for G'nique's on Feb 2nd and I was able to get an appointment on today. I was amazed. She was very efficient and she only took about 15 minutes if that. She made me feel really comfortable and I am definitely going back. Thank you G'nqiue

I also purchased a Groupon on Feb 2, 2011 for the Brazilian Waxing Service. I am military and new to the area. I was looking for a new waxing girl and I found her. G’nique has a very good personality and she made my Bikini Wax experience very comfortable. I rescheduled for 4 weeks and when I get to work I will be sharing her information with other people. She was true to the reputation that she is quick with Bikini Waxing. I was out of there in 10 minutes. I was impressed that she was quick but that she did an excellent job. All the hair was gone.

I am a groupon girl and my appointment was right after Julia. We agree that she is really good and it was definitely worth going. If you are looking for a good Bikini waxing girl she is fantastic. The thing that stood out the most for me was that her waxing pots were extremely clean and she was very professional.


I got the Bikini  Wax at G'niques today. I was really happy with the service and she was very nice. I will be going back soon. I was referred by the groupon deal too.

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